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About US

At the beginning of 2016, our company was established with the aim of being an important player in the domestic and export markets in the HVAC sector with domestic and foreign capital partnership. Among with the installation, R&D and the design team has started their product development work at ITOB OSB Bilimpark. The basis of our work is to manufacture products that comply with national and international standards and legal regulations. In the same year, the company established its factory equipped with modern production systems in Pancar Organized Industrial Zone. At the same time, AERA established sales office in Ataşehir, Istanbul to present its products with experienced personnel. Our products are manufactured with high efficiency and low cost with high efficiency production models, the quality control process from raw material entry to finished product is checked to comply with national and international standards.

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  • Modular Air Handling Units
  • Compact Air Handling Units
  • Ventilation Units with Heat Recovery
  • Ventilation Units with Integrated Heat Pump
  • Chiller Units
  • Fan Coils

 Following and applying energy efficiency and recovery, adopting the principle of providing ECO-DESIGN criteria, Our company has set out to be permanent, with the conscious of being reliable, responsible, respectful to the environment and customer, efficient, innovative and predictable.



ECO-DESIGN directives are the whole of the laws that the European Union determines the energy use criteria in energy-consuming products and that manufacturers are legally obliged to comply with



ANEMO TestLab is a highly equipped prototype test laboratory established to bring the products of AERA Air Conditioning to absolute perfection